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Some Quick Info About Dwarf Rats

Pet dwarf rats have not been around as long as other types of pet rats.

Dwarf rats are about 1/3 the size of standard rats.

Dwarf rats live just as long as standard rats.  Some say that dwarf rats are more resistant to some types of cancer.

Dwarf rats tend to be more active than standard size rats, at least until they are about 9 months old.

You should wait until your baby dwarf rats are at least 6 or 7 weeks old until you  bring them home.



Meet My Pet Dwarf Rats

100_3950At the present present time I own two dwarf rats.  I purchased Barney and Fred from a breeder over two years ago when they were about 10 weeks old.  Although they would be considered elderly by now,  they are still quite active.  These guys are very sweet and friendly.  Of the many rats I have owned over the years, these guys are among my favorites.